Lighting Diagram Toolkit

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Lighting Diagram Toolkit

24 ratings

Do you want an exemplary and professional diagram to illustrate your lighting setups or for Pre-production needs? Rejoice; the Lighting Diagram Toolkit is here to meet your needs.

Imagine over 350 high-quality lighting set equipment in .PNG format to enhance and give that professional touch to your diagrams.

The fixtures are already categorized to make your diagram creation easier. And even more, there are almost all the fixtures from your favorite companies like Nanlite & Nanlux Global fixtures, Aputure, Kinoflo, Arri, and many more…

With this wide range of choices, you will have everything you need to create an excellent and professional diagram.

What's more, the illustrations in this kit are compatible with all kinds of photo editing software that support the .PNG formats, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, or even Canva, if you want to use a more user-friendly program.

Whether you are a filmmaker looking for a lighting diagram creation tool for your pre-productions and production or a content creator who wants to share your lighting setups with the world, the Lighting Diagram Toolkit is made for you.

Remember that on a film set, it is essential to have a lighting plan to facilitate communication between you and your teams, and it is also a huge time saver.

So what are you waiting for? Start using the Lighting Diagram Toolkit today and take your lighting diagram to the next level.

"I recently started using the Lighting Diagram Toolkit, which has completely changed how I do my lighting tutorials. Before, I used to spend a lot of time explaining the lighting setup through words, which was difficult for my viewers to understand. But with the Lighting Diagram Toolkit, I can create clear and easy-to-understand diagrams in just a few minutes.

Not only does the toolkit help me to better illustrate my lighting setups, but it also speeds up my workflow significantly. I no longer have to spend time sketching diagrams or finding the right words to describe the setup. The toolkit has a wide range of pre-made symbols and elements I can use to create professional-looking diagrams in no time.

Another great feature of the Lighting Diagram Toolkit is that it allows me to highlight specific tips and tricks I want to share with my viewers. I can use the customizable text and arrow tools to draw attention to specific elements of the lighting setup and explain how they contribute to the overall look. Overall, the Lighting Diagram Toolkit has been a game-changer for my lighting tutorials. It has helped me create clear and easy-to-understand diagrams, sped up my workflow, and allowed me to point out my tips and tricks more effectively. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs to explain lighting setups or share tips and tricks with their audience."

Alexandru Don

Cinematographer / Youtuber

"As a cinematographer I need to create lighting diagrams and sometimes it can be frustrating doing this without the right tools. The lighting diagram kit by cilovers has been a god send. An easy to use drag and drop tool allowing me to create lighting set ups on my phone or in the office a must have in anyone’s kitbag. Highly recommend."

Stuart Gilmartin


"As a cinematographer the lighting diagram toolkit has been a great asset. The PNG files easily integrate with the software I use, and the variety of images included in the package have improved the quality and clarity of my own lighting plans."

Anthony Lucas


Light Like A Pro. Give it a try.

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+320 Professional Lighting Set Equipment Icons


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